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How to Write Personal Statements

Financial Aid

Yes. The dreaded personal statement. I too, have struggled dearly with trying to fit all my life experiences in 500 words. Hopefully, this outline will give you a place to start and provide you with structure.

Clear and Concise - Make your sentences colorful, but simple. Don’t use too many commas, and avoid run-on sentences.

Specificity Conveys Believability - The word limit means you need to choose your words carefully, but try to include a bit of specificity, like names or places. This makes your essay more believable and realistic.

Logical to a Neat Conclusion - Although your essay should include some imagery, it shouldn’t be too flowery. Don’t lose sight of the personal truth because you got too wrapped up in detail.

College is crazy expensive. Nobody has money to pay that much, except the wealthy. Luckily, resources exist to give you free money—and they’re not as inaccessible as you might think.

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is your first and likely best bet for applying for student aid. Like the name says, it’s completely free, so there’s no reason to not fill it out.


Harker College Counseling Senior Class 2 Powerpoint

Kavya Seth