The Scoop November 2016 - Page 14



The festival of Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada, but you might not know that Thanksgiving is actually celebrated worldwide. The only difference is that it’s celebrated on a different day, with different cultures and traditions, but the reasons behind the holiday stay the same.


The first Thanksgiving recorded in history was in November of 1621. The story starts off with one hundred and two Englishmen sailing on a small ship set in Plymouth, England, looking for a new place that they can settle down in, freely practice their religion, and build new lands. After months of sailing, they ended up at Plymouth and started a village. Most died during the first spring, so only a few survived to see the first spring. With help of Squanto, the Plymouth villagers learned how to cultivate corns, catch fishes, extract sap from maple trees, and many other survival skills. After the first corn was harvested successfully in November of 1621, they decided to organize a celebration feast and invite their allies.