The Scoop November 2016 - Page 12


a country well known by their advances in technology and also for the earthquakes and tsunamis. Japan is located in the Pacific “ring of fire”, on the edges of many continental and oceanic tectonic plates. Unluckily, on Monday, November 21st northern Japan suffered an earthquake of 7.4 leading to a small tsunami, about 90 cm tall. This powerful earthquake hit the coast of Fukushima causing several infrastructure damage and according to, people are reported to have suffered minor injuries in the quake. No deaths have been reported.


These earthquakes and tsunamis triggered the Japanese, making them flee away from Fukishima looking for a higher grown. These people are worried that it might happen the same thing as in 2011 quake, where thousands of people died and lost everything. Since then, Japan had shut down all their nuclear power plants.

By: Katerine Chung