The Scoop November 2015 - Page 3

The famous test



even with a wide range of testing. Of the 123,000 students in our study, we had approximately 30 percent who had not submitted their tests or not had them used for admissions decisions. The difference in cumulative GPAs in college turned out to be five-one-hundredths of a GPA point. The difference in graduation rates turned out to be six-tenths of 1 percent. By any definition, by any statistical standard, those are trivial differences.“

High school students are all stressed because they deem the SAT as a mandatory checkpoint to college. Now what if we told you that you don’t need that? Consider all the billionaires that didn’t even finish college. All your high school counselors will give you the spiel about how “college is what you make of it”. If you actually decode that statement, they’re actually saying that even if you go through university, you are not guaranteed success. It’s honestly up to you to find a way to make money. I’m sure you know Mark Zuckerburg, but in case you don’t, feel free to return to the rock that you currently live under. Find your way to the top and don’t let society tell you how to get there.

and You SAT





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