The Scoop November 2015 - Page 2

THE famous test


BY Trayvon Smith

It's The Sitting Season


Today, my supervisor asked me if I took the SAT and what my scores were. I told her that I never took the SAT and that the school I currently attend, didn’t require them. My counselor at my old high school told me that at some colleges, a 1600 out of a 2400 score is above average while at other schools, applicants with that kind of score wouldn’t even be seriously considered. Although at some of the nation’s most prestigious schools, a 2100 could be borderline. It’s always wise to look at the test score ranges of individual schools. For those of you who are pondering about whether or not it may be worthwhile to invest in improving your score or even taking the exam for that matter, you may find these scores on the College Board, COLLEGEdata and the Federal College Navigator, as well as the Princeton Review and Fisk collegiate guide books. However, don’t worship these statistics.

An Newscast broadcasted and published by PBS NewsHour, Hosted by Judy Woodruff; Presented by William Hiss, highlights that high SAT & ACT scores might not spell college success. According to the newscast, The study was done at Bates College, which is a test optional school, says that “Researchers looked at 33 public and private colleges and universities where it’s optional for applicants to submit their test scores. In all, the study examined the records of 123,000 students from more than 20 states. It found that test scores didn’t correlate with how well a student did in college based on grades and graduation rates.”

Hiss also stated that “The main finding is that if students have strong high school records, good grades in high school, their odds of doing well in college are very good