The Scoop November 2015 - Page 12




This kid is always coming into the office with a cup of Starbucks. I'm talking about one a shift type addiction. Does one Starbucks a day keep the doctors away too? I mean if it keeps him awake for the rest of the shift, there technically is no downside, right? You want my scoop on it? He must be sponsored. Where were we when Starbucks came around scouting for reps?!?

Another thing worth pointing out would have to be his attachment to his iphone. Mind you, this dude got a iPhone 5 only recently - although he's been obsessed since his miniature iPhone 4 days. What really is he doing on his phone all the time??? Certainly his games doesn't take that much time. And he doesn't care to share his love life. To be honest, he doesn't say much about anything. So what is the truth?

You don't have to ask her how many languages she speaks because it would take a considerable amount of time to name them all .

You also don't have to ask what she looks for in a guy...because it's obviously good teeth. She's well on her way to becoming the Dentist we had always hoped for: gentle and honest.

She's a nerd fashionista and lover of all things tech so don't let this sweet face fool ya, shes well equiped in a MacGyver kind of way.

Don't let her surface kindness fool you, she's so mean. If you show her your work, chances are, she'd make you make you wish you never did. This girl is a human espresso, so small and bitter.

Don't even bother asking what she wants to do with life because all you'll get is a blank stare followed by a sarcastic remark.

SHOES!!! That's one way to get his attention. Here we have the owner of over 200 pairs of shoes. This is our very own sneakerhead. Chances are you'd find him with a camping bag waiting for the next pair of new shoes.

He will school you on photography when he asks you to take his Instagram update, but he will be your psychologist in a few years.