The Scoop November 2015 - Page 10

Team Iphone


BY Kayla Lebo

The BETTER Twin?!?


iPhone 6 VS. 6S – is it really worth the upgrade?

Apple has recently taken its iPhone to the next level, uncovering their new iPhone 6s AND 6sPLUS. The upgraded version is supposed to have a ton of new pluses: better video, 3D touch, better animated photo options a better processor and much more. BUT, is it enough to ditch your current iPhone 6?

After some fun and play at the Apple store, I’ve come to decide that it all depends. Are you a photo-obsessed enthusiast? Do you like having a different interface than other “older versioned” iPhone users? Would a 70% performance jump benefit your application experiences? Better yet, do you like to continually upgrade your phone with the latest updates?

These are many questions to take into consideration, but lets just break down the differences between the iPhone 6Plus & the iPhone 6sPlus.

iPhone 6 Plus

Height: 6.22 inches

Width: 3.06 inches

Depth: 0.28 inch

Weight: 6.07 ounces

iPhone 6s Plus

Height: 6.23 inches

Width: 3.07 inches

Depth: 0.29 inch

Weight: 6.77 ounces



When comparing the screens of the 6 plus to the 6s plus, they both have the 5.5-inch diagonal screens. However, the new displays are made of a stronger ion strengthened glass that is supposedly the strongest glass on any smart phone. A bunch of users were worried about the bendability of the new phones, but Apple says their new phones are made of a stronger 7000 series aluminum alloy that is used in the Aerospace industry.


Both the iPhone 6s models support the A9 chip: 3rd generation of Apple’s 64 bit chips. They are claimed to run 70% faster than its predecessor the A8. This is supposedly a HUGE win for game developers when it comes to delivering more complex graphics and user experiences. The M9 motion co-processor is also upgraded from M8!