The Scoop May 2016 - Page 5

This mother’s day was different. Ever since my mom left, I had huge support from my aunt. She stuck with my family through the highs and the lows, even though she had no reason to. To me, my aunt is my mom because a mother is someone who raises you, and she raised me throughout my vulnerable years. I decided to make her a box that had white roses in it, with $100 in an envelope saying how much i love her, and why she is the reason I believe in myself again. Although not having my mom by my side on Mother’s Day is a bit hard, I finally had the nerves to contact her after 6 years of not seeing her or knowing anything about her. I did this because I wanted closure, what every kid needs when they’re inquisitive.

Mother’s Day passed, but Father’s Day is coming around the corner. There is a lot you can gather before June 19. You can do the same thing that you did for your mother for your father, or you can decide if you want to do something else. For example, you can have a picnic, go to the movies, go to the basketball court, make him a card, or even just have a day full of hugs. There was one person who went skydiving with their dad on Father’s Day, although i think that would be really scary. My Father’s Day plans look like making breakfast in bed, although that is very little, it comes from the heart. So whether you want to appreciate your parents, or even someone else, always keep in mind that they’ll appreciate whatever you give them, small or big.

by Katya Rodriguez