The Scoop May 2016 - Page 4

Smiles on Smiles

Around this time of year, Mother’s Day happens. People go out to buy flowers, and do something special to show the love and appreciation they have for their mothers. It’s a day filled with laughter and smiles. It makes every mother feel special when their kid draws a family portrait at school or takes her out to eat. It makes you feel good inside when you see that huge grin reaching from one side of their face to another. There are so many creative stuff to do on Mother’s Day, all you have to do is think with your heart. Whatever it is, they’ll appreciate your time and effort.

Mother’s Day can be amazing, but depressing as well. For me, I don’t really celebrate it because my parents got divorced when I was 7. My siblings and I live with my dad, and my mom would have visits on holidays. I remember before she left, I gave her a card saying, “I love you forever, Happy Mother’s Day.” I still cherish that card to this very day although she’s not really around. Not having her around has affected my family completely. My siblings would always give me flowers on Mother’s Day, appreciating me looking out for them. Even though it warms my heart, it breaks it too. Not having your mom with you on Mother’s Day can be devastating. It’s not fun looking around and seeing the good times people have on this day, when you don’t have anyone to share it with.