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In this section, I’ll give a short list of gadgets that might enhance your summer experience. For those of you who are tech lovers, this section will be a pool of juice. We all love listening to music and taking calls from that special someone and our friends. We’ve all experienced that time when we were in the shower or pool and wished we could rock out to a song or that we just remembered we forgot to make a call. If you’ve been there, I got you the solution for you: Waterproof Portable Speakers. A summer party needs a killer soundtrack. Audio technology has come a long way over the years; choosing a portable speaker doesn’t mean you’re settling for a tiny sound. Many modern portable speakers have a rich audio output that rival traditional wired sound systems. Compare to others, Waterproof Portable Speakers cost between $50-$200, this one only costs $26.99.

But hold on, this list is just starting. We have something for everyone. Here is an item for all you photography enthusiasts. Those who like to take pictures to a new different level (or under the water). There are a lot of good cameras but the Sony DSC-TX30/B is one of the top five to use when taking pictures under rivers, oceans, pool and shower. With five times the optical zoom, it’s waterproof to nearly 33 feet. And this much needed piece of tech is also shockproof, so you don’t need to be too cautious with it. This is a little expensive than the other gadgets and you can buy it on Amazon for $248.00 (free shipping).

I know, the most important thing that we have in our pockets is our phone (besides money and your ID.) Just imagine that you are in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have battery on your phone. Scary thought, yes? Well, no need to be scared anymore! There’s this little yet powerful device called the BlitzWolf’s Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank. This device helps you get up to 75% battery faster than other USB chargers and shortens your charging time. Make sure to charge

it before you go out with your friends and family and don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can buy it on Amazon for $26.99. If you love to record good times with your family and post it on your social medias, you’ll spend the money and won’t let your phone die.

I know that some of us like to have everything clean and when I say everything, that include our phones. After a long day, chances are, you’re covered in germs. After all, you’ve probably touched a ton of publicly shared items and then transferred all those germs onto your phone. But guess what? There is one device that gets rid of those germs. Introduce yourselves to the Smartphone Sanitizer which zaps germs away. I bet that this little device will be so helpful for you and your phone for only $55.12.

This is the end of this list, I hope you guys liked it. Next month, I’ll bring you different items and tricks for your phone.

Alex Sorto

Tech for the Summer

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