The Scoop May 2016 - Page 11

It’s normal to hype the event and it’s even more common to see families blowing thousands of dollars in preparation of that one night. Proposals have been getting crazier over the years, we’ve moved on from the basic asking and posters and onto the developing norm of creating social media pages in order to get a date ( After settling for a date, we got the painfully expensive game of dress-up. Starting from the top, we have the extensive hair appointments, because let’s be honest, what’s the point of prom if you have a loose strand of hair sticking out? Moving on, we have the actual clothes that everyone has to put on. We all know about the disappearing benjamins in exchange for either a penguin suit or a sparkly rag. There’s always been the talk of how guys can rent their tuxedos while girls have to buy their hundred dollar dresses. In addition to the attire, there needs something to complete the outfit and that is the corsage for the girls and boutonniere for the guys. Moving down the body, we have the designer shoes that high school students like to flaunt. Promenades are now being hosted at grand hotels and even country clubs. The ticket alone is about a hundred dollars, let alone the limousine that flashy people like to come in. These things all add up, which is why the average cost of prom hovers around a thousand dollar. So that’s what prom is, it’s expensive and overrated.


Prom is not the only thing that cost money if you’re a graduating senior. Everyone knows it’s hard work to get that piece of paper and handshake, but it’s also an expensive road to that stage. Graduation is of course a great event to commend the accomplishments of the class, but it’s another occasion that calls for cash dumping. Caps and gowns are necessities and hair appointments are a must. But yearbooks, senior portraits, and senior trips are all add ons to the process of high school graduation. Us millennials were born into a crippled economy and we grow up paying for things we want but can barely afford.