The Scoop May 2016 - Page 10

Hallway to Bankruptcy

Ah, the beautiful month of May, with the school year running out, there are some things that happened recently that are worth recapping. Now as I’m writing this article, I sit with relief knowing that questions for the final AP exam are released and that we are free to talk and make memes about it all. Although truth to be told, we Advanced Placement exam takers are known to break the law for discussing the contents in our ugly neon-colored test packet way before the test is officially released on the College Board website. With the two week AP season and the cramming sessions that occurred beforehand over, we can finally take a breather from the dense material that classes assign. We are all just calming down before the gates to summer open wide.

All about Prom

Now before diving into the talk of leaving school, let’s also recap prom. The tradition of attending high school promenade has become more and more extravagant over the years. Let’s have some background before discussing the idiocy of modern today prom. Prom wasn’t always a high school thing, it used to be a college event. This dance is special because it has become a surrogate for the debutante ball—occasion where upper class young women are introduced to the society and community surrounding the lady. Today, prom doesn’t stray too far away as it is still considered a time for “firsts”. Maybe it’s the first time your parents let you drive alone in the dark or even party with friends.

by Yonglin Chen