The Scoop December 2016 - Page 10

The Probable

“Everybody loves an underdog” is a common saying that most people have heard. People often root for the lesser-known person, hoping that they will beat the better, cockier person to boost their reputation as a better person. With this in mind, people celebrate Underdog Day on the third friday of December, to commend all the unrecognized hard-workers in life. During this time, people watch underdog movies or dress up as classic well-known underdog characters.

Underdog movies often involve an obviously weaker character who works hard to beat an overconfident bully. Many people love these types of movies, because people want to experience being an honest, good hearted person that overcomes an obstacle. Examples of these types of movies include Rocky, The Karate Kid, and Forrest Gump. In The Karate Kid, Daniel Larusso was bullied by a bunch of bullies who knew karate, so he learns karate and beats them in a school tournament. He shows them that he’s not a person who can be picked on and that he can hold his own. Another example, that happened in real life, is a football game between Cal and Stanford. In this game, the score was 20-19 Stanford with four seconds left in the game. To anyone’s view this was an impossible game for Cal to win and Stanford’s band was already on the field. Against all odds, Cal did a last ditch play and lateraled the ball 6 times and scored a winning touchdown, ending the game at 25-20 Cal. With all these stories, people often dress up like these “underdogs”, either with boxing gloves and a fake black eye as Rocky Balboa or in a Bubba Gump Shrimping Co. Hat as Forrest Gump.