The Scoop December 2015 - Page 4

If you’re looking at this from your phone, this is just a brief moment out of the ten hours that an average human spends on their mobile devices. I’m sure you’ve all seen a toddler on a iPad, they really do start early these days. I just feel like if your age is still tallied by months, you should try to spend less time attached to an inanimate metal/glass hybrid and more time living. Credited to busy parents that apparently believe that it’s cute for a child to hover over an iPad 24/7, kids will now grow up with the social impairment—that’s the inability to communicate with humans because they’ve gotten so used to computer screens. As Jane E. Brody summarized, “Technology is a poor substitute for personal interaction.” Now I understand that it’s a digital century and there are new forms of entertainment, but is really worth damaging the mental development of your children?

Advertising companies make sure that mobile devices appeal to everybody. While children continue to ask “You got games your phone?” every time there’s a three-by-five screen in their line of vision, teenagers can’t stop retweeting the newest meme. Despite the fact that Tinder has slowly been dying, there’s always enough lonely people in the world to blow up the next dating app. And let’s not forget your grandmother that insists on staying in the same pose for the twenty pictures that she forced you to take for her. It honestly doesn’t matter what age demographic you fall under, you're most likely one of the continuously growning number of millions, who can’t resist lingering on YouTube to watch upcoming artists hit them high notes.