The Scoop December 2015 | Page 14

This new robot is capable of patrolling hospital and checking on patients without anybody managing it all the time. Also medical robot is cost-effective and, as a result it’s vastly used, even in the rural regions of the US. This robot is being used instead of medical personnel so they can work on something more complicated, this new technology will improve efficiency of the hospitals.

This technology has the same use as an aspirin, but it’s actually much more effective than aspirin. The System includes:

1) The Insert: A microstimulator (smaller than an almond) with an integral lead designed to fit ranging facial anatomy. The insert has CE-marked MR Conditional labeling for whole-body MRI.

2) The Remote Controller: A hand-held device with simple therapy controls that provides on-demand patient-controlled SPG therapy. Therapy settings are individualized and can be adjusted quickly by physicians using a programmer laptop.

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Robot for Hospitals

Technology in Medicine