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E fficiency has long been the driving force behind warehousing automation advancements . Robots and machinery can complete repetitive and complex tasks faster , safer , and more precisely than humans could , but what about the advantages of automation in terms of the environment ?

“ Going Green ” is no longer an optional route for many companies as it cuts waste saves money and helps the environment . According to James Ellsmoor , a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur , 86 % of businesses see environmental efforts as a necessary step towards staying financially competitive while 82 % also believe it benefits their public image . This is reinforced by a recent Nielsen report that suggested a majority ( 73 %) of consumers would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment , and almost half ( 46 %) would switch to environmentally friendly products .
Reduce Energy Expenditures
A warehouse utilizes a lot of energy for lighting , maintaining climate control , and moving products from production to storage to shipping . Given how expensive it can be to maintain a warehouse , it is crucial to minimize energy expenditures . Automation can help by :
• Operating in a lights-out environment . Lighting is rarely required outside of maintenance and viewing for an automated warehouse because it can operate in a lights-out environment compared to the lighting that is needed for workers in a manual warehouse which can lead to higher energy costs .
• Reduce emissions from forklifts . An automated storage / retrieval system ( AS / RS ) can reduce the need for combustion engine-powered forklifts traveling long distances through the warehouse to retrieve products . An AS / RS uses a strategically designed rack system with incorporated storage / retrieval machines ( S / RMs ) to store and retrieve product within the warehouse .
Minimize Mistakes and Waste
An AS / RS with an integrated Warehouse Execution System ( WES ) such as Westfalia ’ s Savanna . NET ®, directs the automated equipment to store and retrieve the product in as few touches as possible . This , coupled with minimal human and fork truck touches , helps to reduce product damage and breakage . Fewer touches needed to complete a process leads to fewer opportunities for mistakes .
Inventory accuracy is crucial and with a WES , you can validate your inventory in real time . This can help reduce picking and fulfillment errors that could result in :
• Lost Sales . A single picking error can have a significant impact on a customer ’ s overall impression of a purchase .
• Returns . Additional shipping costs along with repackaging or a loss of item that has been returned adds to the extra expenses .
• Labor Costs . Wwasted labor hours spent on the mistake in addition to the restocking expenses .
Companies can save money and establish themselves as industry leaders in sustainability by implementing warehouse automation technology , like an AS / RS . You may set yourself apart from the competition and enhance customer loyalty by building an industry reputation for being environmentally friendly . Whether you refer to it as sustainability , preservation , or going green , it may help reduce waste and save money while also benefiting the environment .

Increase your floor space Boost efficiency , increase productivity , save money .

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