The Satellite Review Magazine 2021 Issue 7 | Page 6





T he majority of supply chain decision makers face common challenges : accurately tracking inventory in and out of the facility , excessive material handling causing damage or product quality issues , inefficient space utilization and more . The sheer number of moving pieces in any logistics operation means that one wrong step could trickle down into all other areas of the supply chain . One way that many companies are looking to solve these issues is through automation .

In 2019 , warehouse automation grew to a $ 15 billion industry , and by 2026 , those numbers are projected to double . But it ’ s estimated that nearly 80 % of warehouses are still operating without automation , sacrificing valuable time , quality , and resources . So what is warehouse automation and how can you get started ? Here ’ s what you need to know :
What Automation Technology Is Available ?
An automated warehouse solution can be installed in either existing facilities or newly constructed buildings . The former will likely include installation and disruption planning of some type , but also require far less capital . New facilities allow existing operations to continue with minimal disruption .
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