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FROM THE EDITOR Automation Keeps the Supply Chain Pumping

Editorial Team By Morgan Walker
Marketing Communications Manager , Westfalia Technologies , Inc .
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Today ’ s supply chain is in need of a checkup . Many factors like the labor shortage ( with an even more dire driver scarcity ), inflated demand , an e-commerce boom , and a backlog of shipping containers off the coast are all affecting the health of the supply chain . While COVID-19 certainly exacerbated these issues , many warehouses are left in the balance of meeting demand while managing a hectic supply chain .
I have chosen to focus this year ’ s The Satellite Review on “ The Health of the Supply Chain .” Every industry has felt the effects of recent disruptions , creating unprecedented challenges for manufacturers , warehouses , distributors , and logistics providers . The road to recovery won ’ t be easy but there is a remedy to help resolve the challenges facing the supply chain . With warehouses at the heart of the supply chain , automation keeps products flowing from the storage area to the dock to the customer . So , what keeps the supply chain pumping ? Reliability . Safety . Availability . Capacity . All ingredients to a successfully automated warehouse and , ultimately , a healthy supply chain .
The articles within this issue shed light on the ins and outs of warehousing automation and how a trusted automation provider , such as Westfalia Technologies , can help . We will explore why choosing to take the step toward automation will help avoid the effects of unexpected disruptions and ensure success as we head into the “ new normal .” Integrating the right technology to streamline warehouse processes is one piece of the puzzle to keeping that supply chain healthy . An automated storage / retrieval system ( AS / RS ) significantly increases efficiency thoughout all operations from automated case picking to turning trucks faster to accomodating growth .
However , it ’ s not just about researching what types of automated equipment is out there . Choosing the right partner to help you on that journey is equally important . Westfalia is made up of a team of experts who strive to create the best automated system for your needs — with support throughout the process from planning and design to installation , training and service . A consistent and reliable partner can help reduce today ’ s operating and maintenance costs , while preparing for future capacity needs .
In this issue , we ’ ll cover topics such as how recent disruptions are affecting the health of today ’ s supply chain and warehouses , optimizing automation in your warehouse , the importance of aftermarket services , and areas to evaluate for a successful AS / RS implementation .
While the supply chain won ’ t be fixed overnight , warehouse automation can play a huge role in optimizing efficiency and steadying the pulse . Now take a deep breath , and dive in .
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