The Satellite Review Magazine 2021 Issue 7 | Page 23

and increase efficiency in many areas of their warehouse operations . It ’ s also a way to address the labor shortage within the supply chain , which has a positive impact on other industries as well . Along with the lack of warehouse workers , the global truck driver shortage has been a challenge , even before the pandemic . With AS / RS , trucks are turned faster using automated staging and prep areas , so they spend less time waiting to be unloaded and can hit the road sooner .
AS / RS addresses the labor shortage in a variety of other ways , including :
• Accuracy : Automating data collection makes for more efficient operations and provides the tools to make more informed and smarter business decisions without the need to backtrack and correct human errors . The software delivered with these systems handle advanced shipping notices when possible and allow for more streamlined receiving .
• Reliability : Machines don ’ t call in sick , need time off or worry about the spread of COVID-19 , and they run 24 / 7 ( or however often you need them ).
• Flexibility : Implementing an AS / RS is a long-term solution that , when designed properly , can withstand future market changes and preserve expected ROIs .
• Redeploying Workers : Automating mundane tasks frees the employees to focus on driving the business forward , rather than just keeping it running . Those positions associated with operating an AS / RS are also easier to fill and retain , often creating strong career paths for workers .
• Increased Visibility : With a data-powered and software-centric AS / RS , taking physical inventories are usually not required , and predictive maintenance based on data centric machine diagnostics can be well planned and organized .
On top of addressing the labor shortage , AS / RS also promotes sustainability — reducing overall building footprints by 40 % to 200 % versus conventional warehouses and lowering energy costs by 40 % in cooler / freezer environments . AS / RS can also be implemented in existing structures , saving costs by avoiding offsite storage expansions and utilizing space more efficiently than a traditional , manual warehouse .
Warehousing is complex , and automation can make operations more efficient , cost-effective and flexible . No matter what order fulfillment strategies are required to meet your business objectives , warehouse automation will continue to play a key role in improving economic productivity . www . WestfaliaUSA . com The Satellite Review 23