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Once the cargo is finally inland , the pulse of the supply chain is still slow . The truck driver shortage is a phenomenal obstacle to overcome . Considering that 70 % of goods are transported by truck in the U . S ., drivers are the key to keeping the supply chain , and therefore the economy , stable and healthy . Capacity issues at ports , long wait times to deliver and pick up freight along with the pressure of inflating demand , the trucker shortage is ever-looming . With both the unemployment rate and job openings high , manufacturers and distributors are getting hit with a labor shortage that ’ s impacting every industry .
We ’ ve outlined the many uncertainties in the state of the supply chain , and it ’ s no secret these issues can ’ t be solved overnight . However , there are solutions that can help alleviate our current supply chain issues and inevitable future disruptions . The doctor is in , and we have the exercise plan to keep the supply chain moving — and luckily , this one doesn ’ t include burpees or a daily serving of broccoli .
Steady the Pulse with Warehouse Automation
How exactly does warehouse automation create business longevity and a healthy supply chain ? Here are just 5 benefits to implementing this warehouse fitness plan :
1 . Addresses Driver Shortages : Automating warehousing frees up workers to other tasks , an immense help in smooth operations and getting products loaded onto trucks so they can hit the road . If warehouses are the pumping hearts of the chain , trucks are the vessels delivering oxygen . A huge bottleneck in the chain is truck drivers waiting in long lines to get to loading docks , and Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems ( AS / RS ) make it possible to turn trucks quickly and get them where they need to be faster . For example , by automating their previously manual processes , Heaven Hill Distillery has been able to ship products 400 % faster than before and cut down on dock times by 49 %.
2 . Uses Data to Drive Efficiency : Westfalia acts like your personal trainer when it comes to installing and maintaining an AS / RS . A comprehensive data analysis of a warehouse can offer a fresh look into how a business
labor needs and costly mistakes , it also allows those workers to focus on more complex areas of warehouse operations . Automation means the warehouse can operate 24 / 7 , too , with safer working environments and , ultimately , positive ROI .
4 . Adds Reliability and Flexibility : Investing in warehouse automation is a long term solution to not only address the massive labor shortage , but also to embrace market changes in general . AS / RS offers flexible , customizable options — whether starting from scratch with a new build or implementing automation into an existing facility . Future disruption is inevitable , but an automated warehouse has the technology and data to ensure it can face any fluctuations in demand .
5 . A Greener Choice : With an eye to the future , AS / RS minimizes carbon footprints up to 50 % by reducing energy usage and building materials . Automated facilities can also store up to 80 % more product in the same amount of space when compared to traditional warehousing facilities . Building with AS / RS is the key to bringing warehousing into a sustainable future .
Warehouse automation is at the heart of the supply chain , addressing workforce and shipping complications while maintaining smooth operations . Persevering through these disruptions is crucial to the health of the economy and sustaining everyday life around the globe . It ’ s one of the smartest investments you can make for the longevity of a warehouse and distribution network , with payback periods mostly reached in under 5 years . operates , addressing critical material handling challenges . Westfalia ’ s Savanna . NET ® Warehouse Execution System ( WES ) is what gives companies control over warehousing needs , creating a single user-friendly system that offers real-time analytics and a proactive approach to warehousing and distribution .
3 . Solves the Labor Crisis : On the warehouse floor , order picking is a laborious task and can often lead to human error , but by automating the process not only is there a reduction in
The challenges facing today ’ s supply chain are plenty . But with a healthy dose of automation in your warehouse , it can be a huge step in solving many of today ’ s disruptions . If we all do our metaphorical push ups and eat our figurative veggies with automation , we ’ ll be well on our way to a healthy supply chain .
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