The Role of IoT in Shaping the Future of Supply Chain 23rd edition | Page 2

In the era of digital transformation , IoT plays a key role in reshaping the future of supply chain management . The IoT allows companies to with real-time insights into various processes , including inventory management , transportation , and warehousing .
This unprecedented level of visibility and connectivity has the potential to revolutionize the way supply chains operate , enabling organizations to enhance their efficiency , reduce costs , and meet the demands of an increasingly globalized and complex marketplace .
The goal of this edition is to illustrate this key role through specific examples :
• We start with “ Enhancing Supply Chain Operations Using IoT and Digital Twin .” In this article , Shyam Varan Nath explores the use of IoT and digital twin technology to enhance supply chain operations . By utilizing IoT for real-time tracking and incorporating data into process digital twins , this approach optimizes intricate supply chains . The author highlights IoT ' s role in identifying issues and refining processes , citing incidents such as the Suez Canal disruption . The paper emphasizes AI and digital threads for better decision-making . It acknowledges challenges in implementation , such as legacy integration and cybersecurity .
• Next , in “ Early Learnings from a Logistics Testbed ,” Dr . Patrick Weber , Sven Kurrle , and Prof . Dr . Heiner Lasi describe the learnings from a two-year old testbed . The learnings explore and exploit data ecosystems in logistics involving a manufacturer of wheeled excavators , an industrial service provider , an industrial sensor manufacturer and the Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute .
• In “ IoT Techniques and Elements for Drone Package Delivery Network ,” Chuck Byers describes architectures and elements of drone cargo delivery networks with special emphasis on how IoT techniques , sensors and actuators are used in each element .
• In “ Negotiation Automation Platform ,” Satoshi Morinaga ( Ph . D ), Shinji Nakadai ( Ph . D ), Tomohito Ando , Hiromu Imura , and Kazuhiro Takahashi describe a cutting-edge and specific type of negotiation platform solution that utilizes AI technology to automate negotiations between economic entities ( primarily in the manufacturing and logistics sectors ) to streamline the process of reaching agreement between them .
We hope these articles provide you with a heightened perspective on how IoT is impacting supply chain to drive agility , efficiency , and enhance customer experience .
In other areas of IIC , the Industry Working Group is developing a sustainability framework for discrete manufacturing . This framework will guide organizations to adopt digitalized sustainability practices throughout the product lifecycle , including the upstream and