The RenewaNation Review 2020 Volume 12 Issue 1 | Page 4

CONTENTS 9 The Foundation for a Biblical Worldview: The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture Pathologizing Masculinity: The APA Diagnoses Men as the Problem We must recover a robust authority of Scripture. A report from the American Psychological Association reminds us why worldview is so important. 12 Why Your Kids Can Spend 600-Plus Hours in Church and Not Get Much Out of It As parents, we are responsible for helping our kids develop faith with a meaningful level of complexity. 14 American Education and Intellectually Bankrupt Schools 30 When Ball Becomes Baal Ways to put sports in the proper place. 32 Find a Christian Alternative for Scholastic Books We are where we are today because of education. Choose books that build a child’s morality from a biblical perspective. 16 34 What Do Blue Zones and Successful Families Have in Common? Lessons from the Bible about the aged that are worthy of consideration. How to Launch a Homeschool Co-op Co-ops appeal to our sense of community while giving us a change of scenery and pace. 36 18 Bible Instruction in Christian Education Education has an enormous role in shaping our children. Christian schools that maintain a solid Bible program will produce a different kind of person than the public school. 20 39 Christians and Public Education Worldview War: Critical Theory vs. Christianity The Fruit of Right Thinking Dealing with strongholds of the mind that can only be brought down by the power of God. Biblical worldview rests on foundational biblical principles. 42 24 Stakeholder Engagement Education must lead to transformed lives. Addressing major components for institutional health in Christian schools. Conformed or Transformed? 4 28