The RenewaNation Review 2019 Volume 11 Issue 2 | Page 2

“We have been very pleased with the results of using BJUP materials across the grade levels. Even though we are a small school, our graduates are finding they are much better prepared for life after high school when they look at their peer group at that time.” Todd Benson, Headmaster Lakeview Christian Academy Duluth, MN “A key part of our school’s mission is to enable students to learn and apply the truth that is found in scripture. The BJU Press curriculum is so consistent with this missional goal. The authors continuously drew out the parallels between the truth of God’s Word and the lessons’ academic content. Students were enabled to see that all truth is God’s truth.” Carol F., Administrator & Teacher Summit Academy of Southwest Ohio Harrison, OH “Built from a foundation of diligent research, rigorous standards, and biblical worldview, your textbooks provide our Christian school with materials we can trust. Placing this curriculum in the hands of our teachers and students gives them the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and in life. Thank you for your dedication to excellence!” Pastor Kowach, Administrator Lake County Baptist School Waukegan, IL