The Record Special Sections Health Quarterly 02-15-2018 - Page 9

The Record Thursday, February 15, 2018 9 HE E AL TH H Q U A R T ER LY / A D V ER TIS SI NG G S E C T I ON Hepatitis C: Need for Awareness Continued from Page 8N of Gilead Sciences, Inc. Although there are about 75 million baby boomers in the United States alone, the disease, which kills more people annually than HIV, is often called “the forgotten virus.” Getting the word out has been difficult, but things are improving, said Dr. Balani. “I think it is a two-way street for provider and patient to increase awareness.” The physi- cian hopes for the time when baby boomers routinely seek testing. “If you think about colonoscopy at 50, you should be thinking about hepatitis C,” said Dr. Balani. The CDC recommends that all baby boomers be screened using a simple blood test, which is usually covered by insurance. According to CDC guidelines, the test requires no discussion of any hot button items related to the causes of the disease. “If you do a regular screening, you don’t have to ask about risk factors,” said Dr. Balani. CRITICAL NEED FOR AWARENESS Individuals at higher risk should initiate a serious and honest conversation with their primary care provider, said Dr. Sapienza. “Every clinician, independ- ently of these [the CDC’s] recommendations, should be considering the patient’s risk factors. We should all be doing this.” D R . M ARK S APIENZA , E NGLEWOOD H OSPITAL PHOTO COURTESY OF DESIGNER 491/THINKSTOCK Getting the word out about the risk factors of hepatitis C and recommended screenings is the hope of healthcare pro- viders in creating greater awareness. “We want our patients to be proactive.” Similarly, these front-line caregivers should be looking at personal and medical histories for situations that can result in hepatitis C. “Every clinician, independently of these [the CDC’s] recommendations, should be considering the patient’s risk factors. We should all be doing this.” Experts are already thinking ahead to the hepatitis C epidemic expected to result from the burgeoning opioid crisis, and the figures are concerning. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of new hepatitis C infections report- ed to the CDC increased by 250 percent in the United States, according to the National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan 2017-2020. Promoting awareness about hepatitis C is a worthy pursuit for anyone, healthcare Dr. Mark Sapienza, chief of professional or layperson. “Just being part of someone’s life is awesome,” said Dr. Balani. Gastroenterology, Englewood Hospital SPECIALIZING IN CARDIAC REHABILITATION & PULMONARY CARE CARDIAC REHABILITATION Under the direction of a leading Cardiologist, our special- ized nurses provide care to patients recovering from cardiac bypass surgery, heart failure, valve replacement, angioplasty, stents and cardiac catheterization procedures, as well as heart attacks. • Standardized Assessments to monitor patients during treatment session • ACLS & BLS Certified Therapists PULMONARY CARE Led by Dr. Nidal Matalkah, our Pulmonary Program boasts a high staff to patient ratio and an array of ser- vices specifically geared to improve the breathing ability of pulmonary patients. • Ventilator Management & Weaning • Tracheostomy Care • 24/7 Respiratory Therapists • Bedside Rehab with OT’s & PT’s • Oxygen Therapy & Monitoring • Use of Wireless Telemetry when necessary • CPAP, BiPAP & Trilogy • Patient Education & Lifestyle Modification • Chest Physiotherapy • Strict Adherence to all Cardiac Precautions during indi- vidualized treatment sessions • Nebulizer & Aerosol Treatments We Are Proud to Be Our Patients Enjoy: • Newly Renovated Subacute Unit • Therapy up to 7 Days a Week • Brand New State-of-the-Art Rehab Gym & Equipment • Individualized Evaluations & Treat- ment Programs • Comprehensive Discharge Planning the Begins on Day One • Onsite Diagnostic Laboratory • Private Rooms with Cable TV • Selective Personalized Catered Menu • Concierge Services FIVE-STAR RATED FOR QUALITY MEASURES Raising the bar in the delivery of short-term rehabilitative and skilled nursing care • Onsite Training for families taking their ventilator- dependent loved A Proud Member of NR-0004237427-01 in Northern NJ Excelsior Care Group 130 Terhune Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470 • (973) 839-4500 •