The Record Homescape 04-02-2020 - Page 4

4H ❚ THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2020 ❚ THE RECORD P HOMESCAPE / ADVERTISING SECTION Designed for Living The Designers: Miriam Silver Verga, Associate ASID, and Hillary Kaplan Mimi & Hill, Westfield, NJ The Challenge: Celebrating the ‘70s without the disco vibes and the shag carpets for a contempo- rary, elegant interior. The Solution: We love vintage and are very fond of the Miami Design District where they have a lot of pieces from the 1970s and earlier. When it came to designing the interiors of Miriam’s Westfield, NJ, 1938 Colonial- style house, which was very much based on the traditional English model, we wanted to incorporate these pieces, but also make the interiors, particularly the living room which also doubles as a family room, have a con- temporary flair. So, that meant no crazy color palette and no shag carpets. We created a very pared-down palette of green gray for the walls; we tried a lot of different grays, and they kept on look- ing purple, which would have been fine if we had been going for a ‘70s look, but we wanted contemporary, so that is why we added in the green. We stained the floors a deep walnut and upholstered the furnishings in neutrals of black, gray and beige, punctuated with some caramel yellow and gold. We also added geometric touches. We used some great pieces to bring the best of the ‘70s to life. Two “Soufflé” poufs by furniture designer Karl Springer from 1st Dibs with bronze bases take a prominent spot in the room and we upholstered them in a black nubby silk. We also dressed two chairs by Harvey Probber, who has been credited with inventing the first modular seating in the 1940s, in black velvet and adorned them with yellow pillows with geometric trim. A Lucite-and-brass coffee table makes a strong statement and ties in the bronze and warm yellows. A beige sofa in a cream bouclé was designed to stand up to the wear and tear on the room, as were all the fabrics. For the rug, we chose a silk tran- sitional watercolor design in muted grays and beiges. Mixing it up – ’70s glam and contemporary elegance Antiques and more contem porary pieces are included as well, such as a framed Japanese kimo- no from Miriam’s grandmother’s favorite uncle, who was a distin- guished diplomat, and a French Miriam Silver Verga and Hillary Kaplan 19th-century secretary at the end of the room near a window alcove. There, that highlights the geometry of the door contemporary pieces from Baker and Mr. panels and adds a gravitas to the room, Brown, including a bench with geometric making the vintage pieces look as though legs, surround a table fashioned from a they belong there and reminding us once large repainted vintage base. again that we are in the 21st century, not the The window seat has an array of pillows, dizzying, dazzling, (boho to some) 1970s. including a Bargello-patterned piece and The New Jersey Chapter of the Kelly Wearstler ombré silk design that brings American Society of Interior Designers a hint of Peter Max psychedelics into the (ASID) offers a resource for consumers equation. The ‘70s vibe continues at that end interested in obtaining the services of of the room, too, with a Lucite bench. a qualified professional interior designer. The pocket doors into the kitchen were For more information, visit Find a Pro painted in a two-toned gray and white design section at In this contemporary living room, poufs, chairs and a coffee table from the 1970s rest comfortably in a contemporary envelope of grays and neutrals, punctuated with caramel yellows and geometric touches, like the pillow trim and painted door panels. The designers had the bar cabinet with the refrigerator in the corner custom-made. At the other end of the room, a game table made from a large repainted vintage base works well with the grouping of contemporary furnishings, an antique secretary and a ‘70s Lucite bench. The range of pillows and silk window shades mirror the eclec- tic nature of the furniture, with Bargello and ombré designs hinting at the 1970s. 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FAMILY MATTERS These days everyone needs to chip in more…including the kids. “Younger ones can focus on tidying and older ones on using (cleaning) products,” said Cohron. Toy pickup counts among manageable tasks a child might choose, she said, recom- mending basic training for bigger tasks to include a warning not to vacuum the edges and fringes of rugs! With kids, each job needs to be short and sweet, like “cleaning for three of your favorite songs,” she said. Maniscalco agreed that lively music adds an element of fun kids are likely to embrace, as does a family reward or incentive. Since spring cleaning takes ongo- ing effort, Lisa Haubenstock of LisaThe Organizer LLC, formerly of Bergen County, suggested a daily responsibility chart or wheel involving each family member. “Define the routine, what your expecta- tions and goals are for the day, which is in a step-by-step format,” she said. A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING But why limit your spring cleaning to, well, cleaning? 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