The Real Estate Browser Volume 9, Issue 12 | Page 23 Volume 9 Number 12 – Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — 23 Tips for Making this Holiday Gathering the Best One Yet! ral sliced so they are effortless to serve. Their handcrafted, premium meats are smoked over blended hardwood chips and finished with a sweet, crunchy glaze, giving flavors that are evoca- tive of happy holiday memories and home cooking. (StatePoint) As most holiday hosts know, it’s not unheard-of to spend the majority of your party in the kitchen, while guests laugh together down the hall. But preparing in advance can help you reduce stress, have more time to make the moments special and still serve a delicious meal. Here are a few hosting hints to make this holiday the best yet. The brand also offers ready-made sides, like green bean casserole and herb stuffing, as well as cakes, pies and other des- serts, which could potentially mean one-stop shop- ping for you. And, while shopping in-store, you can join HoneyBaked Ham in supporting the Gary Sinise Snappy Sides Foundation by donating to help our nation’s first Make sides in a cinch by doing any chopping, slic- ing or mixing in advance of the day of your party. Certain sides can even be prepped ahead and popped in the oven just before the guests arrive. responders. DIY Drinks All too often, hosts get bogged down fixing drinks Or, consider making your party a potluck festiv- ity. This way, everyone pitches in on the food, which leaves you time to mine Pinterest for simple DIY holi- day décor ideas that are sure to draw more than a few wows. for guests as they arrive. Avoid this conundrum by set- Main Course cocktail suggestions on a placard. The centerpiece of your celebration, the ham or turkey, shouldn’t involve a ton of work or preparation. When your guests have traveled from all over, why not treat them (and yourself) to a little taste of home that provides the perfect presentation and effortless prepa- ration? One easy way to serve these home favorites with- out spending all day near the oven is by picking up a ready-to-serve, premium option locally. Classic options like those from HoneyBaked Ham come spi- ting up a DIY drink station. You may consider making a signature drink in advance and serving it in a bever- age dispenser or punch bowl, or giving guests a few Don’t forget the little ones. Set up a hot chocolate bar that includes marshmallows, peppermints and whipped cream topping options. Ask adults to help their children serve themselves. You don’t have to get sidelined in the kitchen at your holiday gathering in order to serve a home style feast. With a few smart strategies, you can be both the host of the party and the life of it..