The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 16 - Page 22 Volume 8 Number 16 – Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — 21 kling in the sunlight have inspired smart- phone interfaces, while talking comput- ers on “Star Trek” have contributed to the creation of voice-controlled speakers. Sometimes designers are inspired by consumers themselves. For example, at Moen, a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures, innovation is driven by what homeowners say they want and how they interact with products. When determining the sensor placement for new MotionSense Wave touchless fau- cets, their design team was inspired by the way hands move around the kitchen sink. The fixtures feature a single-sensor hands-free activation on the base’s left side, allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with the wave of a hand. “We also draw creativity from furniture, tools, architecture, music and museums,” says Steven Ward, Moen’s director of global design. Seek Your Source of Ideas Next time you’re updating your bath or restyling your kitchen, act like a pro- fessional by venturing outside the box to get your creative juices flowing, whether it’s turning to a favorite song or a piece of artwork. For example, 16 percent of Americans who have done a home design project look to the outdoors for inspiration when planning home design projects, while 15 percent look to archi- tecture. Maybe you’re struck by the col- ors of the sunset in your family’s summer beach vacation photos or the amazing brick pattern you saw wandering through a historic neighborhood. Consider what colors and patterns grab you and evoke the feeling you want to have within your space. And once you find them, snap a photo and reference it as you’re design- ing. Curate Inspiration Been a while since you took a vaca- tion? Don’t live in an architecturally awe- inspiring locale? Social media is a great proxy. In fact, of Americans who have done a home design project, 33 percent look to social media for inspiration. Just like the pros, create a design plan for your space, but make it easy by using a site like Pinterest. Create boards for color combinations, materials and textures that attract your eye, so you can define your ideal look. Many Pins are shop- pable, making it simple to purchase your perfect home décor products with just a click. While making design decisions, don’t worry about being “on-trend.” If you stay focused on what styles speak to you personally -- as well as the functionality your room needs to support -- you’ll cre- ate a space that feels uniquely yours.