The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 16 - Page 10

10 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 8 Number 16 Top Three Tips for Having Your Home on the Market Through the Winter by Dan Vollmer, Associate Broker, ReMax 1st Olympic We are now heading into And anytime there is a snow storm, be prepared the dark and cold months of to clean off your driveway, sidewalk and access winter. If you have your home points to your home. You never know - the day on the market now - or plan to in the coming after a big snowfall there may be desperate buy- months - here are a few things you should keep ers (they’d have to be to look at homes in the in mind: Warm & Cozy. When buyers come to look at your home, they’ll be coming in out of the cold. If your home is also cold, it will communicate a few things. First, its not very welcoming - it doesn’t feel like home. Second, buyers will start to wonder how expensive it might be to heat your home. On the other hand, if its warm and toasty inside, they’ll stay longer. They might even take off their coats and sit for a few minutes. So not only should it be warm, but there also should be cozy and comfy decor available. Blankets, throws and pillows make every seating area more inviting. And if you can get folks to stay and ‘sit a spell’ you’ve already started to win over their hearts. Landscaping. Now, naturally you’re not going to put down mulch and plant pretty flowers like you might do in the spring time. However there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, snow, right?) on a one day trip to find their next home. Keep photos current. For the next few weeks, listing photos with Christmas decor readily apparent are perfectly acceptable. It is the sea- son, and many homes look particularly beautiful when decorated for Christmas. However, when January 1 rolls around, you need to be ready to replace said photos with un-decorated versions of your home. If you don’t, your listing will imme- diately appear dated and that doesn’t help. If your listing photos are taken while there is snow on the ground, replace them immediately after the snow melts. And if your home is still on the mar- ket come spring, replace all exterior photos with new ones that show all your beautiful trees and plants in full bloom. Bottom line, keep an eye on the change in seasons and keep your photos cur- rent. keeping leaves off your sidewalk, driveway and These are just a few things to keep in mind lawn. If your home has a lot of trees and there over the coming winter months. Need additional are leaves everywhere, not only does it look input or ideas? Or have questions, comments, or unkempt, but buyers will focus on what a huge an idea for a future article? Email me at dan@ task it must be to keep the yard and gutters clean.