The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 14 - Page 6

6 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 8 Number 14 The Garage and Safety By Drew Howard , President, HomePro, Inc. More than 70% of homeown- ers with attached garages use with an object over 6 inches tall and press the garage door opener’s close button. The door the garage as the main point to the house. should not close. Lay an object that is at least Since garages are major hub of activity safety 1.5 inches high on the ground in the door’s should be an important focus. With winter path and press the garage door’s close button. fast approaching it is easy to bring everything The door should reverse off the object. to the garage and store it away for the months ahead. Now is a great time to organize the garage, and inspect the overall safety of the components. If you have electrical panel boxes in the garage make sure that you have proper clearance to open the panels if an emergency were to arise, or if you have to cut a breaker on or off. If you have a gas fired appliances in the garage make sure you do not store paints, gasoline, or any other flam- mable liquid. If there is a washer and dryer If the door motor has burned out light bulbs now is a great time to replace them. Be careful and read the maximum watt bulb allowed for the door motor. Inspect the chain for looseness, and also if it needs to be lubri- cated. I also recommend checking the cables and tracking for proper security. If you are unsure, or if something looks unsafe call a professional. The garage is an important part of the home. If you have a large vehicle and located in the garage make sure the dryer parking is tight you can always use the string is venting properly. You want to make sure and tennis ball to mark the stopping point. that the passage door to the living side of the Never start your car with the garage door in home is a fire rated door or a solid 3/4” wood the closed position. Fumes can accumulate door. The door should be solid with no glass quickly. The next free day you have take an in the door. You will want to inspect the door hour or two and do a safety check up. The opener and the overall condition of the door. garage is the first and last thing you see in the Any opener installed after 1993 will have laser house every day. If you have any questions photo eyes. They should be no more than about your home please give me a call (434) 6 inches off the floor. Block the photo eye 660-3449.