The Real Estate Browser Volume 8, Issue 12 - Page 6

6 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 8 Number 12 Before the Home Inspection By Drew Howard , President, HomePro, Inc. I hope this list of items will be useful to all parties in a real estate transaction. There are many different types of loans and requirements: FHA, USDA, VA, and Conventional just to name a few. There are sellers and purchasers that have relocation packages that come with requirements. Home owners insurance has become increasingly regulated. Here is a list of questions for purchasers, home owners insurance, relocation guidelines, loan requirements, and potential environmental con- cerns you might have as a purchaser or seller of real estate. • Home Inspection- is the contract contingent on a home inspection? • Radon Testing- is there a radon contingency in my contract? • Mold testing-is there elevated mold in the prop- erty and do I have a contingency in my contract? • Lead paint- Is the home built before 1978 • Do any of the Windows have lost seals • Are there any Windows with broken glass • Masonite/Composition board siding present • Stucco Siding • Qest/Polybutylene plumbing supply pipes present • Is the Chimney older than 50 years • Are Smoke Alarms present • Is there a Self-Closing garage passage door • Are Handrails present at all steps • Is there a Buried Oil Tank • Is there a LP Gas Tank and does the location meet code • High Voltage Power Lines near the property • Is there proper distance between the Well and Septic • Is there any Peeling Paint • Does the home have Replacement Windows or Storm Windows • Asbestos- Is there friable asbestos in the property • Is there Adequate Insulation • Water testing for private water supply- What is required for the loan and/or relocation? • Is there a Pool • Is a well flow test recommended? • Septic Inspection- Visual inspection vs. having the tank pumped • Is there a Spa • Is there a Steam Shower • Is there a Hot Tub • Termite/wood destroying organism inspection • Is there an Indoor Pool • Is Knob and Tube wiring present • Does the property have a Sprinkler System • Is there a Wood Stove present • Is there an Alarm System • Is there a Fuse Panel Box present • Is there an Elevator • Is there a Federal Pacific Panel Box present • Is there a Heated Driveway for the latest REDUCED properties. for the NEWEST LISTINGS.