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Wanda Ott

Lynchburg Association of REALTORS ®
Est . 1913
I am a big fan of holiday traditions and gatherings . My family celebrated the major holidays in a big way - wonderful meals with all our favorite foods and desserts served on heirloom dishes , everyone tightly squeezed around a beautifully decorated table , and a fun holiday-themed activity after dinner .
Many people do not feel their homes are “ worthy ” of hosting a holiday meal for their friends . They feel they don ’ t have the space , they don ’ t have the right decorations , or they are not good cooks .
Do you remember where you spent the most memorable holiday dinners ? Do you remember what you ate ? Do you remember how the home was decorated ? Most people don ’ t remember any of these things - it ’ s who they spent the time with that they remember .
I will admit - I have great memories of fabulous food ! But you don ’ t have to be a great cook to host a good meal . In our family , we set a theme and everyone brings potluck . That way everyone participates and we get to try a lot of different recipes . This also takes the burden off of the host / hostess from doing all the work . There is nothing worse than being so exhausted from the preparation that you can ’ t enjoy the meal . Another idea is to purchase your meal from a local grocery store or restaurant .
A fancy home is not needed to have a great gathering of friends and family . We have celebrated in a small apartment , a cramped mobile home , on a porch , and even in an unfinished basement . It ’ s not the size of the home that is remembered … it ’ s the special time with family that matters !
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a holiday decoration junkie ! I have tubs and tubs of decor labeled for every holiday . I have collected a lot of holiday decor over the years at yard sales , consignment shops , and at after-the-holiday clearance sales . Don ’ t let the lack of decorations keep you from hosting a great holiday dinner - you can pick things up from the Dollar Store , make your own ornaments , or ask family members to bring their favorite holiday item to display at their place setting .
Sharing your home with others is sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone . In a world where we are constantly on the go , grabbing fast food , and running from one activity to another , it seems like holidays are the only time we get together with family in our homes . Whether sitting around a table or holding my plate in my lap , it ’ s the great conversations and the privilege of spending time with my family that I cherish .
Are you waiting until your home is perfect before you host that holiday meal or invite friends and family into your home ? Don ’ t wait - your home will probably never be perfect in your eyes and most people really don ’ t care what your home looks like - they are coming to spend time with you and to make memories together .
I hope you enjoy a memorable holiday season !
From Your President of The Lynchburg REALTORS ® Association