The Real Estate Browser Volume 10, Issue 8 - Page 10

10 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 10 Number 8 Radon Gas By Drew Howard , President, HomePro, Inc. Every quarter the Commonwealth of Virginia asks me to provide the number of radon test performed, how many were performed in real estate transactions, and how many were above 4.0 pci/l. If you are wondering what radon gas is: It is naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States. Radon gas is in every home. Some more than others. The EPA breaks down every county in every state. They then place the county in zone 1, 2, or 3. Most counties in Virginia are zone 2. What does this mean to you? The EPA states that 1 out of 15 homes in America has elevated radon levels. Zone 2 says that 1 out of 8 homes has elevated lev- els. From the data provided I find this information true. Bedford, Amherst, Lynchburg, and Nelson County are all Zone 2 for radon. Zone 1 is the low- est potential for radon gas. There are no counties in central VA that fall in category 1. Zone 3 is the highest potential for radon. Campbell, Appomattox, and Pittsylvania counties fall in zone 3. Typically about 1 out of 4 homes is higher than 4.0 pci/l. You are probable asking what does a 4 pci/l, 10 pci/l or 1 pci/l mean to you. Radon is measured in picocurie per liter of air. Radon lets off alpha, beta, and gamma rays. This is where the damage to your lungs comes from. A reading of 10 pci/l is equiva- lent to smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. My data last quarter I had 1 home that tested 40.6 pci/l. The average of all the homes I tested last quarter was 4.8 pci/l. That would indicate that all homes in central Virginia would be higher than the national average and that they would all require a mitigation system. Based on my data I always rec- ommend the need to test your home for radon gas. If you have any questions about radon testing, radon gas, or radon remediation please give me a call. (434) 660-3449 The code of Virginia requires license in the real estate transaction. § 32.1-229.01. Companies listed as proficient to perform radon screening, testing or mitigation; compliance. A. No person shall conduct or offer to conduct any radon screening, testing or mitigation in the Commonwealth unless he has been listed as profi- cient by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the National Radon Measurement Proficiency Program of the National Environmental Health Association or the National Radon Safety Board Certified Radon Professional Program or any other proficiency program acceptable to the Board of Health to offer such screening, testing or mitiga- tion. B. Radon professionals listed as proficient pur- suant to subsection A shall comply with the radon mitigation and testing standards outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency’s publication, EPA 402-R-93-078, as revised, or the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) Standard, E-2121-02, or any other radon testing and mitigation standards accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Board. (1988, c. 736; 1989, cc. 275, 283; 2001, cc. 408, 426; 2003, c. 709; 2005, c. 839; 2008, cc. 41, 466.) Thank you Drew Howard