The Real Estate Browser Volume 10, Issue 6 - Page 18

18 — Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — Volume 10 Number 6 7 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas to Help You Get Ready for a Spring Sale Planning on trying to sell your home this spring? It could take you up to 2 months to do it. Nationwide studies have shown that it often takes any- where from 46 to 55 days for the average American to sell their home once it hits the open market. But there are ways to increase your chances of sell- ing your home much sooner than that. One of the best ways to do it is by improving the curb appeal of your home before sticking a “For Sale” sign on it. Check out seven DIY curb appeal ideas that will help you get your home ready for a spring sale. 1. Put a Fresh Coat of Paint on Your Front Door Does the front door that you have on your home now blend in with the rest of your house? If so, it’s not helping your curb appeal at all. You could consider replacing your current front door with a new one. But that can cost upwards of $1,000. Rather than taking that approach, invest in a can of paint and paint your front door yourself. It’ll make your front door look like new, without forcing you to spend your hard-earned money. You don’t necessarily need to go too wild when choosing a paint color. But your front door should make a strong statement. This will ensure that your home catches people’s eyes when they’re driving or walking down your street. Your updated front door will give it a “buy my house feel.” 2. Replace Your Mailbox It’s not always easy to add charm to a home, espe- cially when it comes to the exterior space. Many peo- ple spend thousands of dollars adding decorative trim to their homes in an effort to get the charm they want. What they fail to realize is that you can add charm to the front of a home for a lot less than that. To do it, simply replace the basic mailbox you have hanging on the front of your home now with something that fits the feel of the rest of your home. A new mailbox will cost less than $50 in most cases. But it’ll add some much-needed charm to your home with little effort on your part.