The Real Estate Browser Volume 10, Issue 5 - Page 37 Volume 10 Number 5 – Say you saw it in The Real Estate Browser of Lynchburg — 37 Veterans: 5 Must-Know Tricks for Making an Offer That Can’t Be Refused By Angela Colley There are a ton of benefits to buying a home with a VA loan. You’ll pay less upfront than other buyers. You might get a lower inter- est rate. And you can use your benefits again and again. But although you may have a leg up on the other guys when it comes to home financing, making an offer on your dream home could be trickier than you expect. VA loans work a bit differently than conventional loans but understanding VA and lender guidelines will help you make the strongest purchase offer possible. Veterans: Check your eligibility for a $0 down VA loan if you haven’t already, and then take this guidance to heart when you’re look- ing for your dream home and making an offer. 1. Be cautious—but not dismissive—of older homes Before you get down to the business of making an offer, you’ll need to ensure you’re making an offer on the right kind of home. When you’re buying with a VA loan, you’ll have to get the home approved by an appraiser, and the VA’s standards can be stricter than those for the average home buyer. In short, they want you to find a home in good condi- tion. That leads many buyers to believe his- Click on the Listing for photo tours and additional information for each property.