The Quarterly | DCS Employee Newsletter Issue 7 | Page 22

DCS EXTERNAL AFFAIRS When representing DCS, and for elected official engagement, you must have approval from External Affairs. According to policy, approval from External Affairs is the first step – you are responsible for fulfilling this requirement. We're Here to Help! Whenever you need help presenting DCS in its best light, External Affairs can help you develop messaging, prep you for interviews or events, create presentations and handouts, and gain media involvement. The earlier you contact External Affairs, the more support we will be able to provide. Below are a few questions designed to help you determine if External Affairs could be an appropriate resource for you to consider. Has someone asked me for a statement from DCS or to share a "DCS Perspective?" Would I like to gain publicity for an event, success story, achievement etc? Do I expect that legislators or other key stakeholders will be in attendance? Am I creating a document that I plan to distribute with the DCS name or logo on it? Will I be speaking about DCS or my job at DCS in a formal setting (such as a panel, conference presentation, guest lecture, blog post, etc? @GeorgiaDCS [email protected]