The Quarterly | DCS Employee Newsletter Issue 14 - Page 19

Last year , with the assistance of WestEd and the National Reentry Resource Center ( NRRC ) Reentry Services implemented a Strength- Based Case Management Model for our Reentry staff to incorporate into their daily interaction .
The Strength Based case support model is a practice that concentrates on the inherent strengths of an individual and emphasizes self-determination . The model aids us in viewing those we serve as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity .
Having utilized the model for a little over a year , our division has been asked and will be assisting WestEd and National Reentry Resource Center ( NRRC ) with creating a resource guide for other agencies to consider when implementing a strength-based model . We participated in a recorded session with questions regarding implementation and progress on September 24th .
We are excited to give back to the field of Reentry and also look to help other entities improve on their services offerings !


Reentry Services staff have worked diligently to recruit new Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry ( THOR ) housing providers . As of September , we have 84 active THOR providers which is an increase of 11 new providers for the quarter .
THOR housing is an amazing opportunity for individuals who are currently incarcerated and denied addresses to release to , individuals who are currently under supervision and find themselves homeless . There are two types of housing under THOR , Structured Housing and Recovery Residence .
The goal of the Structured Housing is to provide a healthy , safe , and controlled environment that is consistent with safely transitioning offenders into the community . Structured Housing is approved for individuals who are still incarcerated who meet prison-release eligibility requirements but who do not have an available residence , as well as DCS supervisees who become displaced . Although Structured Housing does not include substance abuse or mental health treatment , other programs may be provided . Attendance at available programs cannot be required .
Recovery Residence is designed for Individuals who are in need of a more restrictive environment than outpatient services to establish or maintain abstinence from alcohol and other drugs and criminal behavior . Designation as a recovery residence in THOR requires the facility to acquire and maintain an accreditation from a minimum of one of the following agencies : GARR , DCH , CARF , or JCAHO .
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Reentry Services celebrates the birth of Cason Ray Johnson , son of Clayton Circuit CC Carolyn Johnson & Rayvon Johnson on September 11 , 2021 .
The Division of Reentry Services celebrates Tammy Herring , Housing Operations Manager after 30 + years of Faithful Service to the State of Georgia .