The Pulse Volume 7 - Page 4



The number one team in the BIG SOUTH rolled over the number six team in the BIG SOUTH in the last week of the MLF season

When the NJ Hurricanes took a 18-6 lead in the third quarter of their matchup against the LV Steelers in 2016, it got us wondering two

things. One: Is the Lehigh Valley scoreboard equipped with a

third digit in case the Hurricanes break the century mark?

And, two: If things really got out of hand, where might

Canes-Steelers rank among the worst blowouts in MLF

history? (So much for a league of parity, right?)

The Canes avoided running up the score, coasting to a

18-6 but this beating could have been caused by a

prior engagement that had yet to be resolved,

well the canes resolved it that night with

dominating on both deffense and offense

the Lehigh Valley Storm stood no

chance and further demonstating

why the Hurricanes dominate

the BIG SOUTH. .