The ProntoHotel Fall Hotel Guide 2014 1 - Page 3

(photo by Nicolas Raymond via Flickr) Planning the Perfect Vacation with ProntoHotel’s Fall Hotel Guide 2014 Each of the four seasons has its own way of making you want to pack your bag and go anywhere and everywhere, but no season brings on travel fever more than fall. Say goodbye to intense summer heat and hello to crisp, fresh air that begs you to go out and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Sandwiched between two of the most extreme seasons, the blazing summer and the freezing winter, fall is a very welcome season indeed. It is also one of the best times in the year to travel, as crowds thin out, kids are back in school, and, as a result, airfare and hotel rates drop in order to attract more guests and give you a better deal. When one thinks of autumn, what usually comes to mind are shorter days and longer nights, equating to having less time to do daytime activities. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get to fully enjoy your vacation. There are plenty of things to do both day and night—and the weather around this time of year is also the most pleasant—even more so than spring. Actually, it’s near perfect. 2