The ProntoHotel Fall Hotel Guide 2014 1 - Page 10

(photo by Ryan Blyth via Flickr) Enjoying the Open Space of Off-Season Another neat thing to do in the fall that most people don’t is going to museums. Autumn is the perfect time to visit your favorite museums and other tourist attractions, because their rates are usually a lot cheaper, and are even free sometimes. This is because it’s off season, so the attractions are less packed with people than they usually are and there is an extra effort to get people in the doors. Also, with students having just started their fall term, the bars and pubs that they frequented during the summer will be nearly empty. You can finally enjoy some downtime without being bothered by sometimes rowdy crowds. Take advantage of this time to stroll a little slower, to sip a little longer, and to stare at some of the world’s most famous paintings for a few extra minutes. 9