The Pocklingtonian 2019/20

Pocklington Prep School Pocklington School ( and Sixth Form )
This school identity is used to identify This school identity is used to identify and market the Prep School . It takes and market the Senior School and Sixth a wheatsheaf from the Coat of Arms Form . It takes a wheatsheaf from the as its symbol to reflect the connection Coat of Arms as its symbol to reflect with our past and is used across all the connection with our past and is external and internal communications . used across all external and internal
School Coat of Arms communications .

Pocklington School is a modern 21st THE POCKLINGTONIAN

century institution where our long history and rich sense of tradition remains a hugely valuable asset .
Our Coat of Arms has been redrawn to better meet the modern methods of communication , but used with care on our materials , it is an attractive and highly effective visual device for linking past and present .
Pocklington School Foundation
Note : We also have a single colour outline version ( right ) that can be used in place of the full colour Coat of Arms ( See page 5 for more details ).
The Foundation logo represents the administrative side of the School and therefore has limited use but can provide an endorsement to dual or single school communications .

2019 / 20