The Perth Mint The Perth Mint 2019 June Coin Bulletin - Page 7

Featuring a working Abacus insert Ancient Routes This carefully considered silver coin references the ancient network of trade routes known as the Silk Road. Merchants who traded along the 6,400 kilometre passage connecting China, the Middle East and Europe often used an abacus, the first known portable counting device, to keep track of goods being bought and sold. Coin obverse In tribute to this culturally and historically significant period, the coin design portrays travellers riding camels along the Silk Road with items that were typically traded. Featuring a finish reminiscent of an ancient artefact, the coin is inset with a lookalike abacus. Abacus 2019 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin • • • • 19E61AAA $229. 00 $2 Tuvalu Legal Tender 99.99% Pure Silver 45.50mm 2,500 Mintage 6