The Perth Mint The Perth Mint 2019 June Coin Bulletin - Page 5

First release in Suicide Squad series The Worst of the Worst This vividly coloured silver coin is a fitting tribute to Batman’s arch nemesis and the first release in a new coin series celebrating the Suicide Squad film. When The Joker was first introduced in Batman comics almost 80 years ago, he was intended to be a one-issue character. The deranged clown then developed into one of the most recognisable and popular villains in pop culture with numerous story arcs in comic books, video games, animated programs and award-winning films. The latest interpretation of the madman was portrayed by Jared Leto in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. The coin’s reverse depicts Jared Leto’s Joker staring ominously at the viewer against a background of the character’s icon in the firm. Subscribe to the series. The remaining two 1oz silver coins feature Harley Quinn and Dead Shot. Suicide Squad – Joker 2019 1oz Silver Proof Coin • • • • 19D50AAA $115. 00 $1 Tuvalu Legal Tender 99.99% Pure Silver 40.60mm 5,000 Mintage TM & © DC COMICS. (s19) 4