The Perth Mint The Perth Mint 2019 June Coin Bulletin - Page 15

Abuzz About Bees Perfect for bee enthusiasts, this delicately coloured coin and stamp set depicts two bees at rest on white and pink flowers. The two remarkable species of native Australian bees featured on this charming postal numismatic cover are the neon cuckoo bee and wasp-mimic bee. The neon cuckoo bee’s metallic blue sheen and slick black wings make it one of the country’s most striking bees, reflected in its scientific name which means ‘a little shiny’. The wasp-mimic bee disguises itself as a wasp for protection in an imitation so flawless that it was misidentified when it was first discovered. Affixed to the envelope are two $1 Australia Post stamps portraying illustrations of the two bees. The collectable is marked with a themed bee postmark denoting the first day of issue, 14 May 2019, and the aptly chosen place of issue, Werribee Victoria 3030. Native Bees • • • • 2019 Stamp and Coin Cover 19G57AAA $17. 95 $1 Tuvalu Legal Tender Aluminium Bronze 30.60mm Official Australian Post Stamp and Postmark 14