The Perth Mint 2022 September Bulletin - Page 5

$ 3,995 . 00
New release

Fit for a king

Tutankhamun ’ s golden death mask is the best-known treasure from what is probably the most spectacular archaeological find of all time .
Marking the 100th anniversary of its miraculous discovery in Egypt ’ s Valley of the Kings , this extremely limited commemorative is struck from 1oz of 99.99 % pure gold with an image of the iconic mask rendered from an official photograph .
A creation fit for a king , the sumptuous proof quality collectable is meticulously inlaid with applications of colour to represent the famous artefact ’ s glass paste inlays .
Tutankhamun Discovery 100 Year Anniversary
2022 1oz Gold Proof Coloured Coin
Item Code
Legal Tender
TVD 100.00
32.60 mm
$ 3,995 . 00
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