The Perth Mint 2020 August Coin Bulletin - Page 8

New Release Obverse Melbourne Money Expo ANDA Special This exclusive, low mintage Kookaburra features a special privy mark featuring Victoria’s state floral emblem – Pink Common Heath. Designed to mark the Melbourne Money Expo, it is being released despite the cancellation of the event over public health concerns. A slender, upright shrub which grows to about a metre in height, Common Heath develops tubular flowers up to 25mm long in shades of red, pink or white. The pink form was chosen to represent Victoria in 1958. Featuring the 2020 reverse image of a kookaburra on a rooftop and the 30th anniversary obverse incorporating a representation of Stuart Devlin’s original 1990 Kookaburra design, just 2,000 of these coins are available in Melbourne Money Expo ANDA card packaging. Melbourne Money Expo ANDA Special 30th Anniversary Australian Kookaburra 2020 1oz Silver Coin with Pink Common Health Privy Mark Y20022DMAD $65. 00 - $1 Australian Legal Tender - 99.99% Pure Silver - 40.90mm ø - 2,000 Mintage 7