The Perth Mint 2020 August Coin Bulletin - Page 7

New Release High Horse Descended from stock released into the bush during colonial times, the brumby is a wild horse that roams unforgiving terrain in Australia’s Alpine country. Hardy and independent, it has become a national icon seen by many as symbolic of the Australian character. Struck from 2oz of pure silver, this remarkable release pays tribute to a magnificent brumby galloping with abandon through water. With just 1,000 of the 2020 Australian Brumby coins in the mintage, collectors will be champing at the bit to secure theirs before the almost certainty of a sell out! Australian Brumby 2020 2oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin 20H45AAA $210. 00 - $2 Australian Legal Tender - 99.99% Pure Silver - 40.90mm ø - 1,000 Mintage 6