The Perfect Lap Issue no.3 - Page 19

can then go through the aligned ordering system for production and delivery” The benefits are too enticing to ignore. In his own experience of using SAP systems, Birrell has already found “huge differences”. “I’m actually one of the biggest users of SAP currently in McLaren,” he says, “so all of my IT projects, all of my IT finances, all of my billing, all of my time sheeting, it’s all run using SAP, hosted in the HANA Enterprise cloud.” McLaren were one of the first SAP customers to go-live on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and Birrell has no doubts of the benefits, “Using SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud we have standardized our IT and lifted the burden of managing the IT environment ourselves. Now we can quickly add new business units and processes without increasing costs. It will help us fully benefit from SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA across all our core operations.” “I can now see the full PNL. I now have visibility of my projects up to date. I can report on where things are from different projects, time sheeting, I can see where every one of my team is, how much we are billing out and so on. I’m seeing huge amounts of benefit just through visibility and control over what is going on across a multimillion budget that I control.” And that transparent visibility is fundamental to McLaren’s adoption of SAP systems, for seeing so much data about how its businesses are currently running, will allow a clearer vision as to their future. “Unless you measure something you can’t improve it,” Birrell notes, “and the whole goal behind data © 2014 SAP. All Rights Reserved. collection isn’t just for the sake of it, it’s to allow us to be predictable. How do you predict the future? You need vast amounts of data; you need to be correlating that data; you need to marry it up with many other sources of data to produce something that actually adds some business value. And then you can make changes knowing what the future will bring. That really is the Holy Grail: being able to predict the future from what has happened in the past.”