The Perfect Lap Issue no.3 - Page 17

Future vision McLaren’s partnership with SAP isn’t just about having the best possible IT systems – it’s about predicting the future WHEN your business trades on being fast – indeed, on being fastest – everything about your operation has to help it achieve that goal. So for McLaren, whose divisions encompass Formula 1, supercar manufacturing and a cutting-edge applied technologies unit, every gain in efficiency equates to fuller delivery on the ambition of being the best. aximising exity with ple, in the © 2014 SAP. All Rights Reserved. And in an ever more technologically driven age, having the leanest, most efficient IT infrastructure to support that ambition has become not just desirable, but essential. In McLaren’s case that means broadening and deepening its partnership with SAP to encompass the latest developments in cloud-based IT support and data analysis. For more than a year now McLaren has been live in parts of its operations with a variety of SAP solutions, designed to unify systems, improve efficiency and streamline its business as it prepares for future expansion.