The PawPrint September 2022

September 2022

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Top Urban Wildlife Found in Arlington
September 2022
My body temperature is too low to carry the rabies virus . Just one of me eats up to 5,000 ticks per year . I eat insects , spiders , & small rodents . I cannot catch or carry Lyme Disease .
If you see me , just ignore me . I mean no harm !
Coyotes are much smaller than wolves and communicate with distinctive calls It isn ' t uncommon to see one out during the day . Many people unintentionally feed animals , like coyotes , by leaving unsecured trash out , pet food outside , or by not limiting feed at bird feeders . To scare a coyote off make a loud , scary noise by yelling , clapping , and banging .
Events Skunk
Skunks are nocturnal mammals . They leave their dens to look for food in the evening and return early morning to safety . Skunks are near-sighted and may wander up to a child unknowing that it is a person . To deter skunk visits to your property , do not provide food , water or shelter .


Wildlife Trapping & the Vacuum Effect
Trapping and the removal of wildlife has proven to be ineffective . There are three main reasons why trapping wildlife animals does not work .
1 . THE VACUUM EFFECT : When you remove an animal , then the next night another animal takes its place .
2 . AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES : Remove the availability of resources for wildlife .
3 . ABILITY TO ADAPT : Research has found that wildlife will adapt when resources are available in a habitat . Litters are bigger , more of the offspring survive , and the numbers return to normal within a year or less .