The PawPrint March 2021


THE PAWPRINT M o n t h l y S h e l t e r N e w s l e t t e r

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Shamrocks for Dogs
Be a shelter dog ' s lucky charm ! Stop by the shelter and make a donation towards heartworm treatment for our VIP shelter dogs and decorate a shamrock to hang in the shelter ! Heartworm positive dogs spend the most time in the shelter waiting to be adopted . Donations towards their treatment helps these deserving dogs from being over looked and into their new homes !
S h e l t e r H a p p e n i n g s
TCAP Did you know , Texas Coalition for
Animal Protection ( TCAP ) recently opened a brand new location in Arlington ! TCAP ' s Arlington clinic is now open from 9am-12pm on Wednesdays and Fridays for low-cost vaccines , microchipping , heartworm testing and more ! The clinic is located at 2400 SE Green Oaks Blvd . For more information call 940-566-5551 or visit : www . texasforthem . org
Our VIP , Arlington Police Department Furever Friday , shelter dog named Princess was featured on 99.5 The Wolf ! Here ' s why ... A few weeks ago , during that brutal winter storm , a good Samaritan named Mason heard a noise outside his door . When he opened it … there she was . A lost , stray dog who was covered in ice with frozen cold paws . It was 2 degrees outside and he knew this poor dog was freezing and her life literally depended on getting her warm as quickly as possible . Mason had lost power himself , but that didn ' t stop him from saving her life . He went to his truck , cranked the heat and took care of getting her warm until help could later arrive . She was never reclaimed and spent weeks in the shelter and Mason couldn ' t stop thinking about this special dog who he obviously bonded with and cared for very much . Mason decided to go even further for the dog , now named Princess , and reached out to 99.5 the Wolf where she was featured to help find her home ! A success it was , because Princess met her forever family with Amanda ! The love and connection was instant and we couldn ' t be happier for these new BFF ' s for life ! A huge thank you to Mason for saving Princess ' s life and 99.5 The Wolf for featuring this special dog and leading Amanda to our shelter !
EGRETS Hundreds of Egrets begin migrating to Arlington each year in search of favorable nesting areas to form their " rookery ". Egrets are drawn to large , wellestablished trees . Arlington Animal Services encourages a proactive approach to discourage Egrets scouting Arlington neighborhoods for nesting areas . To learn more about tips and tools to prevent Egret Rookeries , visit : www . arlingtontx . gov / urbanwildlife
Princess pictured with her new adopter , Amanda and guardian angel , Mason .